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Learn Obsidian


Obsidian is one of the most popular note-taking and PKM tools right now. With complex nature, we explore how to get from beginner and advanced with expertise.

Discover Obsidian

The Bento Methodology


Upgrade your task management with the Bento Methodology. Apply to any of your task management apps and explore the world of priority planning and more effective use of time.

Learn Amplenote 


Amplenote is a task/notes application focused on giving you daily notes, task score for prioritising tasks and capturing ideas across your workday. Unlock Amplenote today.

Learn Capacities 


Optimising Capacities as a note-taking application can be well worth your time. Capacities is an object-based note-taking app with a growing set of users and an impressive set of features.

Learn Mem


Mem combines AI, templates, tasks and notes in one hub. Suited for teams and those wanting lighter use than Obsidian & PKM tools. Go full Mem in 2023.

Learn Timestripe


Timestripe is a goal-focused to-do list application with a lot of functions that make it appealing for life management and long-term planners alike.

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