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Taking you from beginner to advanced in Routine

This is a new, exciting personal week planning application with tasks, a calendar & light note-taking. Routine wants to be your personal base to manage and organize your workload for the week ahead.

What is Routine?

Think of Routine as your personal dashboard for tasks, events and light notes.

Routine wants to be your base for week planning, capturing new tasks and keeping on track of your calendar events.

With features like console for capture, week plan view & today for better focus on task, there's lots of tools that make it attractive for professionals.

Best Features in Routine

Routine has many features, here are the popular ones:

  • Task capture
  • Calendar planning view
  • New journal feature
  • Console for quick capture
  • Lists for capturing light notes
  • Capture of tasks, events & notes
  • Calendar & task integrations with Google Calendar, Slack & more.
  • & more on their radar as a team...

Your Teacher

Routine Made Simple is brought to you by our expert in Routine, Beth.

Beth is well-known in the PKM space and her expertise in note-taking apps is growing every single day. She brings expertise across a lot of PKM tools.

The course is tailored for beginner, intermediate & advanced levels.

Inside the Course

Routine Made Simple is designed to cover basic to advanced. From getting started with calendars, integrations & console. All the way to using the journal, context capture & more.

  • 20+ Lessons
  • Hosted by Routine expert
  • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

With over 20+ lessons and growing, this course is ideal for all stages, and will help you unlock the powers of Routine.

Routine Made Simple is priced at $39.99 for launch

*To access all the features in the course, you will need the Believe Plan from Routine.

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